Infinite Country: Slim, yet Satisfying

Engle’s Infinite Country is a slim, yet satisfying novel that leaves you pondering the bonds of family and the politics that threaten to tear them apart.  

~ The Page Palate

“It was her idea to tie up the nun.” My first bite of Patricia Engle’s novel, Infinite Country, was a delightful surprise. I was not expecting to laugh during this serious work, but Engle balanced the heavy topic with the lightness of her language.

The story spans several decades across two countries, Columbia and the United States, and is viewed from multiple characters of the same family, forced to live apart.

Engel manages to give equal weight to her characters, setting, plot, and theme. These elements work seamlessly together to create a balanced book that leaves you satisfied, if not wanting more.

Aside from the timely and timeless themes Engle explores – the struggle for undocumented immigrants in the US and the enduring love of family – her book is special in its structure: it’s told from both the first and third person point of view, creating a truly unique reading experience.

So often, works of “literary merit” are dense and hard to digest, making Engle’s slim work all the more delightful and easy to savor.

Fellow readers, did this novel satisfy your reading palate?

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Published by Miranda Keskes

Miranda Keskes is a freelance blogger, journalist, and fiction writer who writes most often about parenting, autism, education, and her love of reading! Learn more at her business site,, and her book blog,

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