DIY Book Nutrition Labels

These book labels can be reused and modified to fit your students’ learning needs.
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A full-page version for more writing space.

Reading is breathing in, and writing is breathing out.

~ Pam Allyn

As a former high school English teacher, my respect for the teaching profession runs deep. I know what it’s like to grasp for new, engaging ways to inspire students to, not only enjoy reading, but consider what it is that draws them into the text.

Writing about what we read is a powerful way to consolidate our thinking about a book.

That’s where these DIY Book Nutrition Labels come in! They’re a fun and unique way for students to formulate their thoughts into a concise, unique graphic organizer.

Here are just a few ideas for how you could use these book labels in your classroom:

  • An alternative to a formal book review
  • Reference notes for book club discussions
  • Part of a larger book project
  • In-class partner activity
  • Review of a whole-class text

These book labels are ready-to-use! They can also be modified to meet the needs of your students.

Not a teacher? These are just good ‘ol fun for avid readers as well!

Enjoy! And, if you’re so inclined, share in the comments how you use these labels, whether it be in your classroom, or at home.

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Miranda Keskes is a freelance blogger, journalist, and fiction writer who writes most often about parenting, autism, education, and her love of reading! Learn more at her business site,, and her book blog,

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